9. Hamburger Klimawoche 2017

The 9th Hamburger Klimawoche will take place from 24th September to 1st October 2017 in Hamburg. Given its broad offer of different events from panel discussions, cutural events and its established education program, the Hamburger Klimawoche is the main impulse of sustainability in northern germany. With the variety in its offers the Klimawoche wants to attract people from different backgrounds to support the goals of sustainability.

The German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation will be present this year with its exhibition "Faszination Offshore". Its focus lies on key points of offshore wind energy and clarifys its meaning for the german contribution to the 2050 climate goals.

Further more the Foundation will host workshops and competitions under its project "Offshore-Wind INSCHOOL: erarbeiten - verstehen - weitergeben". The German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation has made it her goal to show the future generation the meaning of offshore wind energy for the energy mix of the future and to sensitize for the challenges of the full turn around of the current energy supply.


> Zum Projekt "Offshore-Wind INSCHOOL"

> Zur Wanderausstellung „Faszination Offshore“

> Zur 9. Hamburger Klimawoche



Eike Liebenow
Project Manager
German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation