Touring Exhibition: "Fascination Offshore" on the MS Greundiek – 2008- 2011

Wind energy's path into the sea is associated with many challenges, but above all it offers outstanding opportunities for a sustainable energy supply, because at sea the wind blows stronger and steadier than on land.

The touring exhibition “Fascination Offshore” on the museum boat Greundiek was intended to allow the general public to experience the first steps into the new era of wind energy use.

Are wind farms visible from land? How is a wind farm installed in the sea? How does the electricity come from the sea to the shore? These are only a few questions which were answered by the touring exhibition. The interactive exhibition on board highlighted the challenges and opportunities of the new renewable energy sector with demonstrations and multimedia presentations.

The exhibition made technical developments, which are otherwise serving their purpose out at sea and invisible to us all, tangible. Installed on the museum ship Greundiek, the exhibition toured around through various ports in the North Sea and Baltic Sea in the summer months of 2009, 2010 and 2011. On board, a visual show provided informative insight into the technologies, opportunities and challenges of wind energy at sea. In order to bring the topic of offshore wind energy closer to the public, the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation invited locals, tourists and other visitors from the coastal regions to visit the exhibition on the museum ship.

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