Workshop: test fields, offshore wind energy and marine technology

The German government intends to increase the share of renewable energies to 65 percent by 2030. The expansion of offshore wind energy is crucial for this. Innovative and more powerful offshore wind turbines must be developed. That means new foundation structures, components, logistics concepts, grid connection technologies, ... and, of course, also the clarification of acceptance issues. The national offshore test field (NaT-Off), the project of the OFFSHORE-WINDENERGIE foundation, which is supported by the BMWi, covers test and demonstration needs.

Offshore wind farms must be efficiently maintained over their operating life of more than 20 years. Over- and underwater service is crucial for the success of an offshore wind energy project. This is a starting point for underwater and marine technology. This has great potential, from the exploration of subsoil to the recurring inspection of foundation structures. In the Offshore Technology Campus (OTC), the idea is to be brought to market maturity, and in the underwater sector very practical application research is to be carried out.

Wind energy, marine technology, NaT-Off and OTC are at the centre of the WEN Rostock event. At the event, Dr. Stephanie Wehkamp will give an overview of the current foundation project National Test Field Offshore Wind Energy.

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