German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation – Tailwinds for climate protection and the maritime industry

The German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation was created in 2005 to promote environmental and climate protection. The main objective is to promote the use of wind energy at sea, and to improve research. The Foundation has since established itself as a nonpartisan, multiregional, independent institution supporting offshore wind energy in Germany and Europe. It serves as a communication platform for political decision-makers, for business, and for research. The Foundation serves as a platform to share expertise and as an initiator of new ideas. At the same time, it also represents and bundles the various stakeholders' interests, representing them towards politics, economy, and science, as well as to the general public.



Advice and consulting for policy-makers

The Foundation supports various political institutions and stakeholders in expanding and promoting the use of offshore wind energy in Germany and Europe. It provides information, advice, and consulting to energy policy committees and works with other industry representatives to develop position papers on current issues related to offshore wind energy. The Foundation also contributes to debates on energy policy with studies and scientific investigations, and it connects different players in the offshore wind energy sector with the maritime sector.

Sharing expertise and research

The Foundation participates in national and international projects and research on different issues related to offshore wind, thereby supporting development and innovation in the field. It functions as a platform for the different stakeholders from the industry and works for better conditions in the sector. The Foundation's scientific advisory council identifies and initiates new areas of development.

Media and public relations activities

The Foundation's targeted press and public relations work encourages public acceptance of offshore wind. Since 2009, for example, its traveling exhibition "Fascination Offshore" has taught visitors about various aspects of using offshore wind energy.

Grid and system integration

The Foundation is active in several areas related to grid and system integration, including working with partner organizations to draft statements and position papers on relevant issues. In order to find constructive solutions, the Foundation discusses matters with the Federal Network Agency, relevant ministries, and grid operators.

Offshore wind – an important building block of the energy transition

Added value for Germany

  • Offshore wind farms provide clean power on more than 340 days of the year.
  • Offshore wind energy contributes to security of supply with its near-base load power, thereby securing Germany's attractiveness as a location for industry.
  • Offshore wind power helps Germany reach its climate targets because the turbines at sea can replace conventional power plants.
  • Offshore wind energy creates value and jobs throughout Germany, benefiting small and medium-sized companies in particular.