Joint statement by European government representatives and the offshore wind industry in London

On June 6, representatives of the Belgian, Danish and German governments, as well as representatives of the European wind energy industry signed a joint statement at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 Conference in London. In the statement the signatories are committed to an ambitious offshore expansion by 2030 and to further advance regional cooperation in the field of offshore wind energy.

The industry also reaffirms its willingness to provide and annual expansion of 6 GW in Europe by 2030. At least 4 GW of annual additions would be necessary for further cost reductions.

In the declaration the government representatives recognize the already achieved cost reductions in and support a significant expansion by 2030. The also stress the need for further efforts to expand the electricity grid. In addition, there will be increased efforts to create framework conditions at the European level to stimulate investments in offshore projects, grids and infrastructures. The integration of offshore electricity into the market and the establishment of a European energy markets will also be promoted.

The enormous potential of offshore wind energy by 2030 is also shown by a recent investigation conducted by BVG Associates, published by WindEurope simultaneously. According to the study, offshore wind energy could cover between 80 and 180 percent of European electricity demand by 2030 at a maximum cost of 6.5 cent/kWh.


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